David Lucas

David Lucas

Born and bred in Jarrow in the North East, David Lucas has had problems with his eyesight all his life. However, after starting off like most other people—in normal schools and jobs and doing the usual very ordinary things that people do—he’s gradually become more and more sight impaired. Now, at the age of 49, he is officially registered ’severely sight impaired’.

Despite a harrowing emotional journey, David has at last come to terms with his sight impairment and discovered new ways of enjoying life. In this book he shares his story. He hopes that through reading about his difficulties (which he knows all too many people experience) people who come into contact with the sight impaired will gain a better understanding of sight impairment and all that it implies in terms of daily living.

David now works as an access auditor and low vision awareness trainer. He is also a committed campaigner for the rights of sight impaired people, working particularly with the charity Guide Dogs for the Blind as an adviser and fundraiser. Of course—given David’s enduring love of music—he also still plays the guitar whenever he has time.

He still lives in Jarrow, with his wife Denise and their guide dog Abbot. While David claims to have come to terms with his sight impairment, he does still feel inclined to call himself the world’s most reluctant blind man.

His book, Stepping Into The Dark should provide information and reassurance to anyone experiencing the pain of sight loss - or, indeed, anyone who knows someone experiencing this life change.