Why are more books on childbirth necessary?

Why is it necessary to publish more books on childbirth?

THE FOUNDER OF FRESH HEART EXPLAINS... why she decided it was necessary to set up Fresh Heart Publishing and add to the many books available for both pregnant women (and their families) and healthcare professionals:

THE PARENTS' PERSPECTIVE... While researching childbirth over the last 15 years (ever since I became pregnant with my eldest daughter) I came across quite a few parents whose experience of pregnancy and birth was negative. For many, pregnancy was more of an obstacle course of tests and worries, than a time of wonder and waiting. Somehow, amongst all the antenatal appointments, risk assessment and birthing pool hire, the baby-to-be got thrown out with the as yet non-existent bath water. And many women told me how the birth they’d planned went wrong in the end. From some of the women, who were the ‘statistics’ of care gone wrong, I heard horrendous stories of pain and trauma. Many simply spoke of their feelings of disempowerment as they were ‘managed’ through the maternity system

THE CAREGIVERS' PERSPECTIVE... Meanwhile, as I've attended conferences and study days on topics related to childbirth (about 30 so far in three years!) I've met many, many midwives and obstetricians (and other healthcare providers, such as doulas) who were equally frustrated and angry with their situation.

THE NEED TO EXPLORE NEW ANSWERS... It was clear that there was not only much to think about, but much to write about too and I decided I would like to help facilitate a dialogue between all interested parties. What was it, I wondered, that made things go wrong? Were there any connections between behaviour in pregnancy and birth and outcomes? How might emotions, such as fear, affect the delicate balance of hormones necessary for a smooth and safe labour and birth? How could positive emotions and behaviour patterns (in both women and caregivers) be facilitated... and what form would this take? 

SOME HESITANT FIRST STEPS... There are now quite a few Fresh Heart titles. Birth: Countdown to Optimal was our first publication and the author was soon prompted (by an experienced midwife and manager) to adapt and develop it for midwives and other caregivers. The first edition of the new book - called Optimal Birth: What, Why & How - was only 132 pages long but after an extensive consultation exercise this has now been extended to almost 700 pages and references are provided, as well as a discussion of some of the key aspects of the relevant research. The next books to be published were by Helene Vadeboncoeur, a Canadian perinatal researcher, Verena Schmid, a very experienced midwife, and Debby Gould, who was until recently the Chair of the Royal College of Midwives Council. Sheila Kitzinger, a long-time campaigner for informed choice and evidence-based care has also joined us with a beautiful poetic book, which is enhanced by photos from the professional photographer and doula, Patti Ramos. Many other lecturers and researchers then contributed to the first volume of the book Promoting Normal Birth (whose subtitle is Research, Reflections & Guidelines). A companion volume is now in development - the subtitle of that one will be Risks, Relationships & Challenges - and a few other books are also in development. If you would like to join us and contribute either an account, some commentary (e.g. on some research), a chapter or if you would like to write a whole book, please email your thoughts and ideas to author@freshheartpublishing.com. We'll be delighted to hear from you.